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DIPA, 440ml, 8%

Alefarm Brewing is a family-run craft brewery with a focus on modern hoppy offerings, a wide array of unique, flavorful farmhouse ales and full-bodied stouts, rich in flavor and character.

The brewery was founded in 2015 in St. Salby, located on the border of Køge, a good way south of Copenhagen. Here, we brewed some of the first spontaneously fermented beers that brought life to the brewery and established us on the beer scene.

In 2018, we opened the doors at a new location in Greve, closer to Copenhagen. This is now the home of Alefarm Brewing and from where all the beers that we brew are flowing.

We have a fixed line-up of beers supplemented by seasonal offerings, new releases and collaborations. Our production is carried forward by an explorative, creative and spontaneous brewing philosophy resulting in quality drinking experiences for all.

We run an avidly creative sour programme, experimenting with several different fruited varieties. All these beers are fermented with a well-established mixed house culture that results in our own unique flavor profile.

Alefarm Brewing is driven forward by a team of highly ambitious people. We call ourselves the Alefam, the people who work at the brewery. On a daily basis, the brewery is run by me, Kasper Tidemann, and my wife, Britt van Slyck.

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